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  • False cognates 3: “Actually I don’t think that is true…”


    When I wanted say “actually..” in Spanish, I simply translated to “actualmente..”  Easy enough and it sounded just right.  Well, wrong!  When I asked my friend, Patricia, to go to the store with me, she responded, “No, actualmente no puedo ir contigo.”  Hmm, why did she use “actualmente” here?  “Actualmente” in Spanish means “currently, right […]

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  • Guatemala: Interesting places to visit


      Tikal, located in the North of Guatemala, is one of the most important cities of Mayan history and has a great diversity of plants and animals to observe.         Lake Atitlán is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is an ideal place to relax and be […]

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  • False cognates 2: “Oh, are you assisting the class today?”


    I used to say, “Mis niños atienden a las clases hoy. (My children attend the class today.)”  My daughter’s very kind Spanish teacher, Niña Laura (The word “Niña” also means “female elementary teacher” in Costa Rica.  It is funny that they use the word means “child” to address teachers.  On top of that they don’t […]

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  • Guatemala: Pais de la eterna primavera


    This is the Spanish translation of our previous blog “Guatemala: The country in eternal spring”. Situado en Centroamérica, Guatemala es un pequeño pero maravilloso país con maravillas naturales y gran riqueza cultural.  Gracias a su ubicación, cuenta con diferente micro-climas que le dan una gran variedad de paisajes, desde hermosas playas en el pacífico y en […]

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  • How learning Spanish can benefit you


    Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It stands at the top 5 in the table of widely spoken languages by most number of people. There are variations in dialect in Spanish just like there is in English due to the evolution of the language over the years. Significance of […]

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  • Guatemala: The country in eternal Spring


    We are starting a series of articles from our partners in Guatemala.  I found that translating an article from English to Spanish can be a great exercise for intermediate to advanced students.  We will be posting these articles frequently followed by Spanish translations one week later.    Located in Central America, Guatemala is a small […]

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  • False cognates 1: “Why are you so emotional?”


    We decided to start this new series of articles to discuss the use of cognates as they are a great way to quickly expand your Spanish vocabulary. Cognates are words that are the same or nearly the same in two different languages. Words like “mapa” for map are easy to remember for English speakers but […]

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  • Is there a better way to learn Spanish?


    After you’ve spent years trying and failing to learn something the wrong way you start to wonder if there’s a better way.  Well, I’m sure it doesn’t take everyone years but I eventually came to the conclusion that there must be some science behind the methods that we use to learn a second language.  As […]

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  • Start Learning Spanish today – Enroll yourself Online


      Get ready to face Spanish without the pain!!! If you are an adult with a job, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. You have got all sorts of projects and plans for things that you’d like to do every single day, but just can’t get around to it – learn the violin, […]

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  • The Birth of Spandango


    The concept of online education is no longer a distant hope for the future, it is a reality that is here to stay. Almost every major university offers online courses now, including Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. There are even several universities that offer entire programs online such as at Northern Illinois University where one can […]

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