The birth of the Spandango Medical Spanish course

The birth of the Spandango Medical Spanish course

The birth of the Spandango Medical Spanish course

Want to know how I went from using a Spanish translator for all my Spanish speaking patients to being asked by other doctors to translate for them?

As a practicing emergency medicine physician in Texas I decided that I wanted to learn Medical Spanish to improve the rapport with my Spanish speaking patients.  I had been using my basic knowledge of Spanish to “get by” with very basic communications while using a translator for everything else.  My two years of college Spanish was definitely not cutting it.  I tried almost everything from books, smartphone apps, to online Spanish systems.  I wasn’t progressing fast enough and I didn’t have the patience to wait years to get up to speed.  I had started using an online Spanish tutor and was seeing improvements in a way that I had never achieved with any other method.  I quickly saw the advantage of having a native Spanish speaker to converse with while making corrections to my grammar and pronunciation along the way from the convenience of my desktop computer.  Byron, my online Spanish teacher, had never done any Medical Spanish teaching but I convinced him to play the role of the patient while I invented typical patient scenarios. I realized quickly that there was no better way to learn Medical Spanish which inspired me to start Spandango.  With the help of a courseware developer we collaborated on a new system designed to get you speaking to your patients in Spanish as quickly as possible.

Who is the Spandango Medical Spanish course for?

We built the Spandango Medical Spanish course from the ground up to meet the needs of most health professionals regardless of their Spanish level.  For physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), nurses, EMS personnel and techs, the Spandango Medical Spanish course will be tailored to your goals.  You will be given a list of Medical Spanish lessons that you can choose from or you can start from the beginning and work to the end. Some of the Medical Spanish lessons may be of less relevance to you and you can just skip those.

Some students will start with almost no background in Spanish. For those students the Medical Spanish course will be augmented with our online Spanish Fast Track program.  Our online Spanish Fast Track program is what we developed to get our students up to a functional level as quickly as possible.  This Spanish Fast Track program can be used in conjunction with our Medical Spanish course.

For our more advanced Medical Spanish students you will likely get through more than one lesson per 50-minute class.  You will still have access to our standard online Spanish course and your teacher will address any grammar issues that he/she identifies or upon request.

How does it work?

After you signup at you will be given one free credit to try out a 50-minute class.  If you don’t already have Skype you’ll download it and get a free account.  You’ll use our calendar to schedule a class.  At your class time just make sure you’re logged into Skype and our Spanish teacher will call you.  Your entire class will be done through Skype video chat.  You will work through the Medical Spanish class from PDF files that you can view on screen or print out.  You’ll start with basic Spanish greetings then work through common patient history and exam questions in Spanish.  You’ll then go through some complaint based simulated cases where you’ll play the role of health professional while your online Spanish teacher will be the patient.  Your teacher will step out character as needed to work on deficiencies.

For Medical Spanish vocabulary we use All of our online Medical Spanish classes come with the Spandango online Medical Spanish Quizlet flashcards that allow you to practice not just individuals words but complete sentences, too.  The flashcards can be used in the typical text based way but the Spandango online Medical Spanish Quizlet offers an extra benefit.  You can open the Spandango online Medical Spanish Quizlet on your computer or through a free smartphone app and then play the Medical Spanish cards in audio mode where the words are spoken aloud in a perfect Spanish accent.  In this mode you can improve your pronunciation and learn new words hands free while you drive.

All of the Spandango online Medical Spanish class materials are at no extra charge.

What does it cost?

For a limited time our introductory price is $14-16 per 50-minute class (The price per class is lower when you buy more credits at a time).  Since the Spandango online Medical Spanish classes will be tailored to your needs, the cost will be mostly determined by your starting level and how much work you put in outside of class.

Phase I (14 lessons): You will learn basic Spanish greetings, Medical history questions, physical exam commands.  Projected cost of $210-350, 3 classes per week to finish in about 5-8 weeks (average of 15-25 classes to complete all 14 lessons).

Phase 2 (15 lessons): You will practice more detailed encounters that are based on Medical complaints and systems. Projected cost of $210-350, 3 classes per week to finish in about 5-8 weeks (average of 15-25 classes to complete all 15 lessons).

Phase 3: You will gain Medical Spanish mastery with practice of vignettes that will take you through a complete medical history, explanation of procedures and tests, diagnoses and disposition planning. Projected cost of $210-350, 3 classes per week to finish in about 5-8 weeks (average of 15-25 classes to complete this phase).

*all costs are estimates based on our introductory price of $14-16 per class.

Why choose the Spandango Medical Spanish course?

The Spandango Medical Spanish course was designed by a practicing physician with feedback from multiple health professionals to deliver the most efficient way to bring your Medical Spanish to the bedside.  Our courseware developer has applied our expertise to a method of teaching called Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT).  TBLT is a proven method used by the U.S. Border Patrol Agency to teach their agents Spanish.  TBLT emphasizes practical use of the language in a natural setting over the traditional grammar focused systems.  Learn more about TBLT, click here.

No other system delivers this comprehensive Spanish training course in a methodology that has been proven to work efficiently and effectively.  Stop waiting for a Spanish translator to help you manage your patients and start the Spandango Medical Spanish course.

To signup, click here.  Read more about the Spandango Medical Spanish course here.

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