Creative resources to learn Spanish fast – Vocabulary

Creative resources to learn Spanish fast – Vocabulary

Creative resources to learn Spanish fast – Spanish Vocabulary

To be truly “fluent in Spanish” you need to master the following language domains:Spanish fluency pyramid

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Writing
  4. Reading
  5. Listening
  6. Pronunciation, speaking

Learning Spanish is a commitment.  It will not happen without effort.  How quickly you can master the language totally depends on how much time you put in and the method that you choose.  In order to keep your desire to learn Spanish it is important to have creative resources to keep your interest going.  I will address each category and discuss what kind of resources are available and helpful to master these domains.

1. Vocabulary

The first step to learning a new language is to learn some words.  You need some Spanish vocabulary to start to speak in Spanish.  Memorizing random words, however, can be challenging and wasteful of time and therefore will lead to loss of interest.  I recommend that you create several groups or categories of vocabulary and memorize them systematically.  For example, you create categories of animals, food, buildings, professions, as well as, verbs, adjectives or adverbs.  There are some Spanish vocabulary books you can use to build your vocabulary, or you can search internet for “Spanish words for animals”, for example, to obtain a list of Spanish words for animals.

After you have a list of words I highly recommend you to use “Quizlet” to create your own flashcards to help you memorize them.  There are other flashcards applications available but I think “Quizlet” is one of the best flashcard applications.  It’s free and allows for customized flash cards or cloud sourced sets that are already made for you so you may not even need to create you own sets.

“Quizlet” includes the standard flashcard features:  You write an English word on one side and a Spanish word on the other.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The most important feature for language learning is that the site or your Quizlet mobile application will actually do audio playback of the words in several different languages including English and Spanish.  Our experience is that the Spanish playback is incredibly accurate and natural sounding.  This is huge.  Not only do you learn new vocabulary words or phrases but also learn how to pronounce them.  It has a testing feature so that you can do drills on the words that you have a hard time memorizing.  It has a game feature so you can challenge yourself to memorize words in fun way.  Gamification is a powerful method of learning.  It keeps you interested and takes the task of memorizing words from a chore to a pleasure.  One time my children (aged 10 and 12) tried to memorize 50 new words using the standard flashcard method.  It took them hours and they still couldn’t remember all of them.  After I discovered the game feature in Quizlet, I gave the kids another 50 words and they could memorize them all after 20 minutes.

Recap of this blog: 1. Spanish Vocabulary

  • Use vocabulary books to build your vocabulary.
  • Create word categories, such as animals, food, etc. to memorize them systematically.
  • Use “Quizlet” (highly recommended) for flashcards on your PC or mobile device.
    1. Traditional flashcard features
    2. Audio feature: “Quizlet” pronounces words with a perfect accent.
    3. Gamification feature to help you memorize words better and quicker.

Spandango has many Spanish programs: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels, Fast Track, Conversation and Children’s (7-11).  Each program (in PDF format) has “Quizlet” flashcards tied to each lesson.  All preparation to build your vocabulary has been done for you.  You just  go to or download the free mobil app (iOS or android) and start learning them.

Intrigued?  Schedule your first trial lesson and experience it yourself at today.

I will discuss items #2 and 3 (grammar and writing) from the list in my next blog.  Stay Tuned!

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