Valentine’s Week – How do you express your love in Spanish??

Valentine’s Week – How do you express your love in Spanish??

Valentine’s Week – How do you express your love in Spanish??

Do you want to impress your loved one this year by expressing your feelings to them in Spanish? Here are some common sentences. You have a couple more days to rehearse them before Valentine’s day. Good luck!!

The many levels of Love:

  • Basic Love

– Te quiero. (I like you. I care for you.)
– Te amo. (I love you: with a more serious feeling)
– Eres tan cariñosa / cariñoso. (You are so sweet.)

  • Passionate Love

– Eres el amor / el hombre / la mujer de mi vida.
(you are the love / the man / the woman of my life.)
– Te quiero con todo mi corazón / mi alma.
(I love you with all my heart / my soul.)
– Siempre estoy pensando en ti.
(I am always thinking of you.)
– Quiero estar contigo para siempre / toda mi vida.
(I want to be with you forever / all my life.)
– Me haces feliz.
(you make me happy.)

  • Head over heels in Love

– Estoy perdidamente enamorado / enamorada de ti.
(I am hopelessly in love with you.)
– Sin tu amor la vida no vale la pena.
(Without your love, life isn’t worth it.)
– Te amo desde el fondo de mi corazón.
(I love you from the bottom of my heart.)
– Eres la mujer más bella / linda / hermosa que he visto.
(you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.)
– Te amo más que nada en el mundo.
(I love you more than anything in the world.)

  • Poetic Love

– Anoche soñé contigo y esta mañana no quise despertarme.
(Last night I dreamed of you and this morning I did not want to wake up.)
– Cada día te quiero más que ayer y menos que mañana.
(I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow.)
– Eres tan bella / linda / hermosa como una flor.
(You are so beautiful like a flower.)
– Sin ti no puedo respirar / vivir. Te necesito en mi vida.
(Without you I can not breath / live. I need you in my life.)
– Mi vida no tiene ningún sentido sin ti.
(My life is pointless without you.)

  • Now, Action Love

– Abrázame y bésame. (Hug and kiss me.)
– ¿Te casarás conmigo? (Will you marry me?)

So, which Valentine Spanish phrases do you want to use to express your love this year?

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