Spanish’s Influence on the English Language

Spanish’s Influence on the English Language

Spanish’s Influence on the English Language

English may be a centuries-old language, but it has always borrowed words from other languages. Common examples of loanwords include peace (borrowed from French), sky (borrowed from the Scandinavian culture), jungle (borrowed from Hindi), etc. So what are the words borrowed from Spanish culture?

Food Names:

Food names are probably the most common loanwords borrowed from Spanish. Examples include chocolate, cigar, cocoa, avocado, and many more. These words are often used in their original form, but certain words, like tomato (adopted from tomate) and tuna (adopted from atun), have been altered. While these words have made it to the inner core of the language, certain words are yet to gain mainstream acceptance outside the US. Words like guacamole, tamale, taco, enchilada, and jalapeno are commonly used in the US.

City Names in the US:

No less than 8 major cities in the US owe their origin to Spanish influence. Contrary to popular opinion, the Spanish influence precedes the era of mass migration and dates back to 1500 when Spanish explorers like Juan Ponce de León discovered Florida. San Antonio, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Galveston, and Sacramento are some examples. In fact, Spanish preceded English as the main language in places like Texas and Louisiana.

Today Spanish is the de facto language of communication in many states, including California and New Mexico. Knowing how to converse in Spanish can not only help foreigners (to the US) adapt better but can also land them a job or earn them a raise. Learning Spanish is easy thanks to online Spanish tutors like Spandango. We conduct online classes for all levels, including beginners and kids.

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