• Learn Spanish Online: Verb “to admit”

    Learn Spanish Online with Your Own Tutor – Learning Spanish Verbs: “to admit” Your private Spanish tutor at Spandango will help you use Spanish verbs in different situations.  You will receive instant feedback from your live tutor and that is the secret to learn Spanish and improve your Spanish speaking ability quickly.  In English, one verb can have […]

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  • Guatemala: The Popol Vuh and the Creation of Mankind

    The Guatemala Popol Vuh, the “Community Book” (Libro de la Comunidad) in Spanish, is a book from the K’iché group where we can find the wisdom of this community and its history.  This book, which contains different stories, tells about the creation of the universe according to the Mayan Cosmovision among other things. Let’s find […]

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  • Learn Spanish Online: Verb “to add”

    Learn Spanish Online – English Verbs and Spanish Verbs OK, fellow Spanish learners, we are starting a new blog series called, “Learn Spanish Online – verbs”.  Somehow English common verbs, like “to have”, “to take”, or “to play”, are very tricky verbs when we try to translate them to Spanish because one verb such as “to […]

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  • Valentine’s Week – How do you express your love in Spanish??

    Do you want to impress your loved one this year by expressing your feelings to them in Spanish? Here are some common sentences. You have a couple more days to rehearse them before Valentine’s day. Good luck!! The many levels of Love: Basic Love – Te quiero. (I like you. I care for you.) – […]

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  • Spanish’s Influence on the English Language

    English may be a centuries-old language, but it has always borrowed words from other languages. Common examples of loanwords include peace (borrowed from French), sky (borrowed from the Scandinavian culture), jungle (borrowed from Hindi), etc. So what are the words borrowed from Spanish culture? Food Names: Food names are probably the most common loanwords borrowed […]

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  • Guatemala: Los Quiches y Tecun Uman

    This is the Spanish translation of our previous blog “The Quiches and Tecun Uman”. Los Quiches Los Quiches son un pueblo originario del altiplano de Guatemala,  En tiempos precolombinos los quichés establecieron uno de los más poderosos estados de la región.  La última ciudad capital era Gumarcaaj, también conocida como Utatlán, cuyas ruinas se encuentran a […]

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  • False Cognates 19: She is a very educated person… in what way?!

    My friend, Zianne, told me that her mom was well educated. “Mi mamá es muy educada.” I thought that that meant she had a college degree. Then I found out later that her mom never went to college. I was confused. “Why did Zianne say her mom was an educated person?” The Spanish word, “educado […]

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  • Guatemala: The Quiches and Tecun Uman

    The Quiches The Quiches is a Guatemalan original community in the highland. In the Pre- Columbian time the Quiches established one of the most powerful states in the region. Its last capital was in Gumarcaaj, also known as Utatlán. The ruins were found 2 km from Santa Cruz, Quiché, the El Quiché state, Guatemala. Tecun […]

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